AMHP Re-Opens!


photo: Suki Skidmore
photo: Suki Skidmore

On July 15th the museum opened its doors for its 9th year. Time does fly!  So much has happened in that 9 years – so much that our visitors don’t know about, but that we would like to share. To address this issue, AMHP is inaugurating a blogsite to keep our followers updated on block printing and other relevant topics.  Of course, behind the scenes research continues and exhibition ideas are always percolating, but there are little gems of  scholarly information, personal stories and textile finds that cannot be immediately interpreted or displayed.

We would like to share the ‘inside’ stories and the ‘printing gossip’ rather than have it sit on a shelf gathering dust, and things DO get dusty in this desert state of Rajasthan!  We hope that our blog will be enlightening wether you are planning a trip to the museum or are an armchair aficionado.

Although the museum has been closed since mid-May, behind its large carved doors there has been a flurry of activity preparing for opening day. From monkey proofing to case cleaning, the maintenance demands of a 16th c. haveli mansion is staggering. Our dedicated and hard working staff makes everything possible.


Anokhi Museum Entrance
photo: David Dunning

Before closing, we wanted to mention that a new exhibition featuring the unique block printed cloth of Bagh, Madhya Pradesh is scheduled to open in mid-August. To our knowledge, this is the first museum display dedicated to this hard-to-find cloth. Take a peek at the sample below.


We are also patiently (sort of) waiting for the publication of Blockopedia ~ A Beginner’s Guide, the 5th book in our series on hand printing. Blockopedia is a revised and greatly expanded version of our first publication for the inaugural exhibition. Hopefully, it will be a handy guide for experts and beginners alike.

We hope you enjoy the AMHP blogsite, and welcome any related information or anecdotes.

Regards ~

The AMHP Staff

Text: Suki Skidmore

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