Wabisabi Workshops

Jaipur’s palaces, forts and bazaars are on everyone’s must-do list when visiting this heritage-rich city but, if you’re a textile enthusiast or generally just looking to do something different that’s also off the beaten track, the Wabisabi Natural Dye Workshop in nearby Bagru offers a unique opportunity .

WNDW is the initiative of young entrepreneurs Kriti and Avinash, who founded The Wabisabi Project in early 2017. The project takes its name from a traditional Japanese sentiment that finds beauty in the imperfections and impermanence of the natural world; embracing simplicity, subtlety and the hand-made. It’s a perfect name for a venture that’s all about hand-crafted textiles made with the colours of nature!

To set up their print and dye workshop, Kriti and Avinash worked alongside local master craftsmen and, under their guidance, have been experimenting with age-old dye recipes, traditional techniques and block patterns. Their dye repertoire is growing, with a plan “to go completely natural” by  re-introducing dyes such as sappanwood, lac, natural indigo and turmeric. Join them at their Bagru workshop for a truly immersive experience!

For more details contact Kriti and Avinash on wabisabiprojects@gmail.com or  phone +91-99831 17978. Information can also be found on the workshop website wabisabiproject.com


Block printed samples dry in the hot Rajasthani sun in nearby fields.
Experimenting at a traditional pathiya table with guidance from a local master printer.
During Monsoon, for a short while, the countryside around the work shed transforms into a verdant wilderness.


Text : Rachel Bracken-Singh

Photos: AMHP Archives

7 thoughts on “Wabisabi Workshops

  1. Hi
    I am a social entrepreneur and i get foreign guests on regular basis in jaipur. Many of them are fashion designers also. I would like to have a business tie up with you. Where i will bring the group or individuals to learn natural dye process. Pls share yoir contact details or you can call me on given no.


  2. We did a one- day tie dye workshop with Kriti and Avenash in July and had a very enjoyable time.
    They are a lovely, enthusiastic couple who are happy to share their knowledge about this craft, we learned a lot and came back with some lovely pieces of our own work.
    We highly recommend this workshop for anyone with either a professional or amateur interest in dyeing or block printing.

    Thank you Kriti and Avenash!


  3. greetings !
    i am intrigued by your way of working at Anokhi, and curious to know wether Anokhi uses these vegetable dyeing process for themselves.


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